Born For Worship: The best you can be in worship ministry

Successfully serving in Worship World promises one thing: Transformation. Whether you're a newbie volunteer worship tech/muso or an experienced worship pro, this conversation with veteran worship pastor Timothy J Miller helps you move forward. Born For Worship provides you with a litmus test as you consider how you can be most effective as you impact your team and those you serve.

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  • The Born For Worship book...

    "You are truly unique, handcrafted by God. He positioned you in a specific time and place to be His partner as He transforms lives. You are irreplaceable. No one can approach Him exactly like you. Cookie cutter approaches to your own growth fall short. Identify His path for your transformation." —Tim Miller, author

    Packed into easy-to-read bites of 4-6 pages, each section provides the opportunity to consider how you approach the foundations of effective worship ministry.

    Whether for personal growth or for reading as a team, you'll be challenged and refreshed.

  • The Born For Worship Leader Guide

    Containing all the contents of the book, the Born For Worship Leader Guide includes additional content and activities to help you lead stimulating, fun, and group-building moments for your team.

    Whether you or someone else leads your team discussion, this guide is designed to maximize group participation while minimizing leader preparation. Spend you time on what matters!

  • The Born For Worship Book Study Conference Call Series

    It may seem counter intuitive, but even though we're surrounded by others, worship people can be some of the loneliest people in ministry. Considering everything on our plates, connecting can be challenging. The 12-week Born For Worship Group Book Study Series provides you opportunity to connect confidentially with others who understand the ministry challenges you face. We're thinking partners who can grow with you.

    Each weekly session in this course includes a bit of input with Tim and opens for discussion about what matters to participants. Whether you have a question or want to share a specific challenge or growth point, you'll connect with people who understand. Calls are recorded for playback to participants, so you won't miss anything even if your schedule gets interrupted.

    Whether you participate to prepare yourself for leading a discussion group with your own worship ministry team or simply to connect with others as you personally grow, take advantage of this unique opportunity! (Includes one digital copy of Born For Worship.)

  • The Born For Worship GOLDEN OFFER

    I really want your worship program to flourish. So I put together this killer offer for those wanting to squeeze out the full benefit from Born For Worship. You get 12 Born For Worship books, the Born For Worship Leader Guide, and TWO full passes for the Conference Call Book Study. Not only is this a great deal, but I'll also give you my Worship Program Assessment Collection that I developed for when I provide team training with churches. 

    The Worship Program Assessment Collection is uniquely designed to identify areas of strength and areas of potential growth in any worship program. They're definitely conversation starters that help peel past surface issues and get to addressing what really matters.

    This Golden Offer is the only way you can get the Assessment Collection (other than having me come in and work personally with your team, of course)!