• Walking together


    Mentoring sessions usually involve debriefing since our last meeting, recognizing learning issues and successes, and creating specific, measurable goals for the next period of time. We'll connect face-to-face, with a phone call, or via the internet for 6 sessions at your pace. That's enough to experience the benefits and grow from there. Want to discover more?

  • Addressing a specific growth issue


    Why work alone? Here are a few topics my clients have addressed.

    • Running a team
    • Engaging the congregation
    • Developing song sets
    • Addressing conflict within the team or staff
    • Effectively incorporating new musicians
    • Building strong teams
    • Adapting your program to facilitate your next growth hurdle

    Together, we'll customize a map taking on your specific challenge. Want to discover more?

  • Resourcing tech or skills


    Training is just that: Providing informational resources and guiding an individual or group so they can get the job done.

         Training may involve:                              Training may include:

         • Hands-on instruction                          • Playing together as a team

         • Providing resources                             • Creating/using loops

         • Q & A                                                  • Using equipment effectively (like in-ears or pads)

         • Guided discussions                                • Technical skills (like properly EQing vocals)

    Training works best in person, but can be accomplished over Skype, Zoom, and the phone.

    Want to discover more?

Protecting those you serve

Anyone serving in ministry is going to have opportunity to grow. It's guaranteed. When we're serving God frequently puts us in situations to help us become more like Jesus.

With an experienced partner, you maximize what you're learning, while minimizing the learning curve fall out. Growth can be difficult, typically impacting the very people you are called to serve. An extra set of discerning eyes and ears can recognize and bring attention to little sparks before they ignite into fires.


Ministry Coaching Rates are billed as follows:

  • Weekly: Skype, Facetime, or Phone $80 per weekly 1-hour session with 6-week commitment, additional initial intake session free
  • Monthly: Skype, Facetime, Zoom, or Phone $100 per monthly 1-hour session with 6-month commitment, additional initial intake session free
  • One-Time Consultation: (example: conflict resolution) $100 for the initial hour, $80 per additional hour
  • On Site Training: We'll create a specific package tailored to meet your needs