Fresh: weekly Thinking Partner group based on my new book BORN FOR WORSHIP: The Best You Can Be In Worship-Arts Ministry!

Coming Up: The Worship Volunteer Guide project, a class for people considering Using Loops for Worship,  and a special training MasterMind Class especially for Worship-Arts people focusing on my friend and mentor John Maxwell's updated Developing The Leader Within You 2.0!

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    The Best You Can Be In Worship Arts Ministry

    WooHoo - My NEW BOOK launched in the wee hours of March 1, 2019!

    Ever wonder if there's more to serving than this? Want to increase you impact? Do you want your team to grow? Written for volunteers and pro's serving in worship-arts ministry, this 245-page book will ask you significant questions to help you dig deep and discover the unique More that Jesus created you to become. Designed for both personal and small-group use. 
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    For those who desire to hear directly from the Lord through His Word. On your own or with friends, in just a few minutes each day discover meaning, purpose, truth, and Jesus' love for your life. 

    • Volume One: 110 days in Romans, I & II Corinthians
    • Volume Two: 88 days in Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, I & II Thessalonians
    • Volume Three: 92 days in I & II Timothy, Titus, Philemon, Hebrews
    • Volume Four: 92 days in James, I & II Peter, I-III John, Jude
  • Nightmare Gigs: 7 Hilariously Terrifying Tales

    If you've been playing live music for a while, then there's a chance you've had some interesting and possibly downright frightening gigs. Enjoy this collection including one from me.

    Sweetwater inSync

  • 3 Devastating Post-COVID Mistakes

    These considerations may determine whether you you will thrive or dive now that churches are meeting again!

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  • Tips For The Mix series

    This series for Worship Musician Magazine focuses on key considerations when mixing specific areas.

    Bass    Bass & Kick    

  • Streaming To Win

    This article in Worship Musician's streaming handbook shares what we're learning through adapting our whole approach to streaming.

    Worship Musician Magazine [WM]

  • Valuing Church Volunteers

    Why it matters, and 5 steps to help keep them!

    Worship Musician Magazine [WM]

  • Devotions That Matter

    It seems that our congregations assume that pastors have a fastpass to spiritual access. What do we do when our devotions stall?


  • Faster Setup & Strike For Portable Church

    Remove some of the grind from your weekly setup and strike routine with these 10 practical steps.

    Worship Musician Magazine [WM]

  • Living As One - streaming service user review

    Streaming services make many promises, and Living As One makes some of the biggest claims of them all. After switching our entire streaming platform to LA1 at Bayside Community Church several months ago, here's how it's really going.

    Worship Musician Magazine [WM]

  • Budget Blunders

    5 common church budget blunders and a much better way.


  • Start Using Keywords To SEO-Optimize Your Blog Posts

    Using keywords is a simple and relatively fast way to help get your blogs into the hands of people who want them. It's not as difficult as you may think. 


  • I Considered Your Church, And Passed

    These 5 Must-Have elements will help your church move from the 'maybe' list to becoming a top contender when potential new attenders consider your church as their new home.

    Pastor Resources

  • "Getting Guests Back"

    Help guests connect with the Lord and they'll decide to return again - before the sermon even begins. Written for a pastor's perspective, this article reveals key vital reasons developing a strong worship-arts program.

    Pastor Resources

  • 4 Simple & Effective Growth-Engaging Techniques

    Here are 4 techniques that successfully helped me engage the congregation to embrace spiritual growth. (And for 3 of them, you don't even need to be on the platform!)


  • WHAT IS WORSHIP? Once simple verse clarifies

    We can spend days discussing our personal insights into defining the nature of worship. Why not look to the source. This post unpacks what the Bible declares to be our "true and reasonable worship."

    Blog Post

  • My Guitar Got PLEK'd - Did it work?

    PLEK your guitar to make it play better than new at 1/3 the cost of replacement! I'm glad I did. View the video review here.


  • Steeplechase: 20 Self-Assessment Questions

    Use this self-assessment tool to clarify your values while evaluating and selecting a new church. (free)

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  • Is there a church size that’s right for you?

    The number of people who physically regularly attend a church dictates how that church can be structured to effectively meet congregational and community needs. What works at one size misses the boat at another size. The question is which unique church size characteristics best match you?

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  • "Why We Sing"

    This article explores the benefits and overriding value of singing congregationally. (free)

    Worship Leader Magazine

  • 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Muddy Vocals

    This tongue-in-cheek article points out 5 easily-addressed things you can easily do to improve (or worsen!) the clarity of your vocals. (free)

    Worship Leader Magazine

  • Building Grace: Connecting Relationally As A Worship Team

    14 tried-and-true techniques/exercises to help you build connections of trust, ownership, and unity between your worship team members. (free)


  • "Trust Your In-Ears?"

    Create a practical, useable personal monitor in-ear mix with this step-by-step guide. Written for non-audio techician musicians! (free) Originally published in Worship Leader Magazine

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  • Worship Team Manual

    Draw from this 50+ page worship arts team manual. It includes Standard Operating Procedures, role descriptions, and many other examples. ($)


  • "When The Music Fades"

    What do you do when you worship leading job ends, and you hadn't planned it that way? Here's practical advice from someone who has been there. (free)

    Worship Leader Magazine

  • "Author Interview with Tim Miller"

    OK - so maybe this one isn't exactly a tool to help you solve "all things worship" - but if you want a quick glimpse inside my head, here's one place to start. (free)