Coming up: weekly 3-Minute Worship Fix podcasts and the Worship Volunteer Guide I'm developing with my friend and mentor John Maxwell (how cool is that!) Want to know more?

In the meantime, please check out these tools.

  • Steeplechase: 20 Self-Assessment Questions

    Use this self-assessment tool to clarify your values while evaluating and selecting a new church. (free)

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  • Is there a church size that’s right for you?

    The number of people who physically regularly attend a church dictates how that church can be structured to effectively meet congregational and community needs. What works at one size misses the boat at another size. The question is which unique church size characteristics best match you?

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  • "Why We Sing"

    This article explores the benefits and overriding value of singing congregationally. (free)

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  • 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Muddy Vocals

    This tongue-in-cheek article points out 5 easily-addressed things you can easily do to improve (or worsen!) the clarity of your vocals. (free)

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  • Building Grace: Connecting Relationally As A Worship Team

    14 tried-and-true techniques/exercises to help you build connections of trust, ownership, and unity between your worship team members. (free)


  • "Trust Your In-Ears?"

    Create a practical, useable personal monitor in-ear mix with this step-by-step guide. Written for non-audio techician musicians! (free)

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  • Worship Team Manual

    Draw from this 50+ page worship arts team manual. It includes Standard Operating Procedures, role descriptions, and many other examples. ($)


  • "When The Music Fades"

    What do you do when you worship leading job ends, and you hadn't planned it that way? Here's practical advice from someone who has been there. (free)

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  • "Author Interview with Tim Miller"

    OK - so maybe this one isn't exactly a tool to help you solve "all things worship" - but if you want a quick glimpse inside my head, here's one place to start. (free)