Timothy J Miller — Worshiping with others


Yes, it's been a wild ride in Worship World since picking up a guitar for the first time in 1978. 

(Two weeks later I was playing for the congregation the first song I had ever written - they suffered through it and I learned the awesome lesson that although I was young and inexperienced, what mattered to my heart was valued by the Church.) 

Hi! I'm Timothy J Miller. For over 30 years I've dedicated my life to praising Jesus privately and publicly, serving through the worship and technical arts in small, medium, and multi-site congregations as a volunteer, and also as a part-time and full time professional. I launched the ministry resource Hearts In Tune Worship to walk with other worship leaders and church worship programs as they grow.

I partner with church professionals, leaders, and worship volunteers for greater impact. That's what makes my heart race.

Here are a few personal snapshots from along the way...

  • Early, early days

    I grew up in Champaign, IL, and learned early that musical style was secondary to message. Our church exploded with college students and their contageous enthusiasm. We had a full orchestra, choir, organ, folk-rock band, and contemporary ensemble. Pretty cutting edge for the early '70's. They intentionally picked the music style best communicating that day's message. It clicked for me.

    I spent significant time on stage in addition to music, performing in theatre, mime, pyrotechnics, stage combat, dance, clowning, and working as a stage manager and 35mm projectionist.

    As I grew serious about my future, I came to understand that whatever I did, it would facilitate opportunities for people to connect with Jesus. Music made a good medium.

    (And yes, that's me on the far left looking way cool.)

  • Education

    I have over a dozen degrees, certifications, and studies including Music, Audio Recording, English, Education, Communications, Life Coaching, and Game Programming/Development. (I may even have an old pair of parachute pants!)  I studied at Taylor University, Parkland College, the University of Illinois, Rice University, Michigan State, and Morningstar School of Ministry. I am an ordained minister. John Maxwell himself certified me as a speaker and coach. While I love to learn, my favorite opportunities involve hands-on-training. Don't just tell me, let me do it, and I'll learn!

  • Worship & Work

    I have served in part-time, volunteer, and full-time worship and tech positions in small, medium, and mega multi-site churches as a musician, technician, worship leader, and worship pastor since 1986. 

    In addition to serving in churches, I have worn a number of other occupational hats. I've been a high school teacher and ran an advertising agency. I've designed home security systems and traveled in bands. I enjoy writing and walking with worship folks as they grow. I've learned the desperation people can feel for worship on Sunday, and the importance of never allowing ourselves to offer a mediocre opportunity - that time can be so lifegiving! I've learned a lot about developing strong teams and training leaders.

  • Family

    My family is very close. When Anita and I married in 1986, we had no idea of all the adventures the Lord had in store for us! She continally amazes me, and I'm proud of her tenacity in earning her Masters from Liberty University to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. My daughter Kristin married Tabor in November 2013, and my son Jonathan married Katie in September 2016. Thankfully we're all musicians who love the Lord! Plus, we laugh a lot.

Here's what I believe

  • The Bible is my authoritative measuring stick. 
  • I want to share Jesus with everyone, not in a "to be one of His you must be one of us" way, but more like Jesus' approach: "Start where you are and follow me!" 
  • I look for fruit, an increase in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Transformation in these areas is a pretty good indicator that something special is going on.
  • True growth often comes as a by-product of sacrificial service. The most precious lessons in my life have come through bloody struggle, seldom of my own choosing.
  • The Holy Spirit is each believer's best teacher. Instead of my playing Holy Spirit Jr. by telling you how to grow, it's far more effective to follow the Spirit's lead and work there.

Jesus is central to everything at Hearts In Tune Worship. Exploring what it means to walk well with Him and participate in His work impacting the world around us - all is done to honor His powerful Name.