Born For Worship: Launch Team

The goal of Born For Worship: The best you can be in worship ministry is to partner with worship people, from newbie to pro, to make the most of the transformation process we all experience when we serve the Lord sacrificially with our whole being. 

Born For Worship is scheduled for release on Amazon in mid February. However, you can get a digital version early. And it's FREE!

Here's you opportunity to help - be a part of the BfW Launch Team!

Born For Worship Launch Team

By clicking "Count Me In," a couple of things happen.

  1. You get a free digital copy of the working manuscript.
  2. You commit to read the book and write 3-4 sentences reviewing your own impressions.
  3. You post your review on before the November 18 launch date and then copy your review on the week of the launch.
  4. You'll make me really, really, really grateful!

Of course, what you write needs to be your opinion: good, bad, great, awesome! Tell who may find the book helpful and what impact it has. Basically, people want to know if you think the book may be significant for them.

I'll also email you updates of relevant info, and invite you to the book's Facebook Launch Team page, where team members can interact, ask questions, and share thoughts together.

Hang tight while we prepare your form...