Want to do what you do - better?

• Move toward your vision for worship

• Expand you influence with your team and congregation

• Connect with like-minded companions from around the world

• Embrace your own growth in the Lord as you serve in Worship-Arts

Six 45-Minute Sessions: 

June 1-July 13 (we will NOT meet July 6)
Saturdays @ 10 AM (Eastern Standard Time)

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More than a discussion group...

...a book study...

...or a webinar.

Worship leaders want to grow. It's part of who we are. We love Jesus and want to become more like Him. We're hungry to see that passion ignite in others. That's part of our DNA.

But with crazy schedules, herding volunteers, intense expectations, and an ever-growing learning curve, our own growth—getting better—often slips to the "do it later" pile.

Here's a chance for you to breathe. Renew. Refresh. Relax.

Laugh a little with some other people who face similar challenges to your own.

Let's look at this thing called "ministry" and your place in it.

And in that pause you'll become better.

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Nuts & Bolts

What It Is

The Discussion Group is a 6-week pilot group based around my new book Born For Worship. We'll gather via conference call each week at a designated time. Most people simply call the number on their phone and join in. We'll cover some material that people read during the week, share application ideas, interact, and wrap up. At the end of the 6-week time, you'll complete a survey that provides helpful feedback to guide the development of a full program.

How It Works

Once a week we'll cover some of the concepts from a section of the book Born For Worship: The Best You Can Be In Worship-Arts Ministry. After an opportunity for participants to share what stands out to them and why that is significant, we'll open up to Q&A about the book content or anything relevant. We'll list what material to read for the next week, and then the meeting is over. (Replays will be available to participants for a limited time in case you can't make a particular session, so you won't miss out.) 


Prep: Read an excerpt from Born For Worship during the week. Each "bite" is about 3-4 pages in length. Total time will be about 20-30 minutes for most readers.

Meeting length: Each session will run about 45 minutes. The Q&A may run longer. I've found that sometimes the best content comes out when people share observations and ask the questions that really matter to them. So, while it may be tempting to sign off at the end of the content, I encourage you to stick around for the gold and jump in.

When we meet: Each session will start promptly at 10:00 AM on Saturday mornings from June 1 to July 13 (we'll take July 6 off to avoid the US holiday). It's a good idea to show up a couple of minutes early. I'll email you a link to take you to the website in your internet browser. You won't need any special software or hardware.

Cost: Because this is a test pilot program, I am NOT charging a participation fee. That's my thank you gift to you. I do need you to participate fully and provide feedback to guide the development of the full program I'm creating. 

Who Can Participate

For this pilot test, I primarily focus on people who lead worship and run teams. However, because the full program extends to a wider cross section of worship-arts volunteers and pro's, input from people who serve on a team in any capacity will be helpful. You can invite others to get on board, but once I reach my target group size for this pilot run, registration will close.


The book Born For WORSHIP: The Best You Can Be In Worship-Arts Ministry is available from Amazon and Kindle.