Video & Audio Clips

I created this video clip and selected these audio clips to provide you with a fairly raw sound, without post-production polish and editing. 

  • Introduction from Tim

    Hi! Here's a quick video message from me about the clips. (I actually used a photo from my Florida studio as a greenscreen background!)


  • Mashup: Goodness of God/King of My Heart

    For this video clip, I plugged my guitar into an amp, my brother turned on the stage lights at Maple City Chapel, and we recorded the live room sound directly into his phone's mic.
    (NOTE: Please allow the link a minute to propagate after clicking.)


  • Happy Day (audio only)

    For a "Here's what you'll experience when visiting" project, we didn't want to promise newcomers something so polished that we couldn't deliver on a weekly basis, and the congregation had tons of fun with this celebration song. 


  • From This House (audio only)

    For interest, we included a small choir, which you'll hear come into play toward the end. We also utilized a couple of loop channels to free musicians to play their favorite parts. I'm thankful a congregant recommended this song; otherwise, I doubt we'd have found what became something that the church really embraced.