Filling in the gap & damage control

Transitional Worship Pastor

Facing an unexpected hole in your staff? More than maintaining your worship program, I can help your church effectively utilize this time by drawing your staff/volunteers together and preparing them to serve well while you tranistion to your next leader. 

Why a transitionary interim worship pastor?

  • Prepare the team for a new worship pastor
  • Provide leadership over practical nuts and bolts
  • Protect other staff from burnout
  • Provide care for hurting or wounded volunteers/staff
  • Equip/Guide volunteers to run things for longer searches
  • Avoid church attendance fall out
  • Give you the time to find the right person

I serve as a temporary subcontractor so you are free from taxes, insurance, and other staff expenses. I also provide my own housing, meals, and transportation while at your location.

I can beavailable during your entire search, or prepare your person to take the reins, and then follow up in an as-needed coaching relationship. Onsite rates are $1400 weekly. May be adjusted for non-typical cost-of-living in your area.